Now on My Second Trimester


I am on the 15th week of my pregnancy now. Yes, I have gone through the sickening first trimester stage but there are still cravings and little nauseous stories every day, so I am not completely okay suffering-wise. Lol. However, I do feel and look very pregnant now, and the hormones are certainly making me thrilled and overjoyed each day that passed.


On my 13th week, my OB-GYN ordered for a dating ultrasound and we were given 6 sonogram images of our little peanut to bring home. Say hello to the 4th member of our family (fourth being that this is our second child):

Our 13-week-old little peanut!

Oh how precious, right? I can’t help but be thrilled every time I hold my tummy and realized that there is one precious creation within me. Simply amazing! The experience, the second time around, is equally exciting. And the even better thing this time is, the happiness is not only from me and the husband, but from the big sister as well! When we got home from the ultrasound, Ate Triz had to pick the phone up and dialed her Lolo and Lola in Las Vegas broadcasting to the old folks that she got to see her baby sibling on the screen and she was so thrilled! 😀 It’s still surreal for her, but she always tells me that she needs to be acting as a good big sister for her little sibling. Oh… I feel so blessed with this daughter of mine!


I got brokenhearted though last week when my doctor’s clinic called me to tell me that the ultrasound result showed that everything was normal, except that I have a Placenta Previa case. This happens on rare occasions when the placenta, which is usually attached to the upper part of the uterus, away from the cervix, lies low in the uterus, completely blocking the cervix. The reason I have this is because my uterus has shrink since I gave birth to Triz over 5 years ago. But, my doctor assured me that it’s not a problem; that when the baby grows bigger, usually, the placenta will return to its proper place before the due date. And if it doesn’t, Cesarean delivery will be the option during childbirth.


It does sounds scary to me, but I trust and I am positive that everything will turn out well for me and the baby. So far, there are no symptoms that I feel could be cause(s) of worries and next week is another appointment to see my care provider so we’ll see if there is anything to be worried about. My best consolation is that my housemates are 100% caring of me that as much as they could, they don’t want me to do anything straining and draining. At all rate, I am lucky and blessed, that despite the pregnancy blues, I am still a happy preggy! 😀

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  1. Adin b says:

    Let’s hope and pray that the pregnancy will go well and that your baby will be healthy. When I was pregnant, I could not help but think about my baby inside me if she’s okay ornot, I mean we always worry mommy. My goodness pang upat na jud ka diha na liwat da. Kugihan jud mommy. hehehe… Again Congratulations on your 4th child. How awesome! One great blessing from God as well. Sige nalang usa ug dili makalaag mommy sunod nalang pod. Like us before na plan namo to Aussie and then New Zealand wala na dayon kay na buntis man sa first child. hehehe… Take care dihaa and God Bless!

    • rarejonrez says:

      Mommy Adin– I didn’t know you would misinterpret my “4th member of my family” line. Lol. Fourth member, being that it’s going to be our 2nd child. Our first child was the third member of our family. 🙂 Di makaya ug ing-ana ka-paspas sa imong gi-imagine kay aguy, naglisud gani ug buo aning ikaduha, tuig pud ang paningkamot ani. Hahaha.

  2. Dhemz says:

    ayay! preggers na diay jud imong look ron Cel…ka nice ba lamang mabuntis…miss the feeling….:) I hope everything is normal Cel…normal delivery baka kay Triz?

    woi, ganahan ko sa complete name ni Triz…apir, parehas diay ta…ang middle name niya ako maiden name..daghan bya tawon malibog woi…hhahaa….d man jud na uso dire ba…ikaw pa ako bal-an nga blogger nga g parehas sa pinas ang style sa name sa bata.

    • rarejonrez says:

      Dhemz– yep, normal ra naku napagawas si Triz pero perti ang antus kay 19 hours akong labor. Na-trauma jud ko ato. Anyway, I should be ready enough for this second one to push him/her out. Hahaha. Ang ngalan ni Triz, uu jud, daghan malibog and ma-amazed. Kay ang middle name makurat man sila nga family name naku. Syempre oi di naku gusto mawala akong family name, kay garbo na sa akong Papa nga naghandum tawon magka-apo sa akoa pero wa jud kaapas. LOL.

  3. Hazel says:

    What great news, sis. Enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest. And that’s great preparation for the soon-to-be Ate. Natakdan ko sa excitement 🙂

  4. Pretty Kat says:

    mubalik ra na Cel sa proper place if mudako na si little angel sa sulod. Cute kaayo tan-awon imo baby maski naa pa sa sulod no? Amazing jud kaayo. Visiting from BPC #54.

  5. Tetcha says:

    Your positivity is contagious! Have a safe and healthy pregnancy! Here’s my MM entry:

  6. shahz says:

    Stay healthy and happy.. Good luck on your pregnancy sis..

  7. janakidiary says:

    i hope your pregnancy will go well despite the findings of the doctor. Take care always 🙂

  8. awww! look how precious your peanut is Mommy Rcel 🙂 still call him baby boy 🙂 hang in there Mommy, before you know it, you will see your 2nd bundle of joy 🙂 Visiting from #54 of Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge, hope that you can return the visit too.

  9. seny says:

    I hope everything goes well, praying for you! do you know the gender yet? how exciting! thanks for dropping by!

  10. jheng says:

    yay, mka mingaw man dunay manikad sa sulod tyan 😀
    BUT i think we’re pretty much done making babies hehehhe. hubby said, baby factory is closed for business lol

  11. gengen says:

    Hapit na gyd siya mogawas…Late visit from #54 PBC…

  12. MommyGagay says:

    ampiiiiiiiing intawon te rcel!!! congrats sa imung healthy preggy 1st always!!!

    late visit from BPC!

  13. Hope things turn out for the better! Don’t worry sis, prayers lang katapat nyan. And of course, extra ingat on your part. Stay healthy! 🙂

  14. Leah H. says:

    He,he..So cute! It’s your turn na pod Mommy Rcel kay homan na gyud ko ana na mga stages:)

    Visiting from the Challenge- hope you can stop by:)

  15. Ai says:

    congrats! enjoy your pregnancy kay mingawon ka ana if mogawas na si little peanut. btw, thanks for visiting my site…MM sent me here! hugs!

  16. emzkie says:

    i hope everything will be ok cel. i will add u in my prayers. excited na ra bya kaau ko makakita sa imong baby boy. hehe

    from BPC

  17. Jessica Cassidy says:

    awww! your peanut is growing Momi Rcel, great job, hang in there before we see the baby boy 🙂 Visiting from Mommy Moments, hope that you can return the visit too.

  18. Shengkay says:

    oi congrats mommy! malapit na..okay lang yan..keri lang yan..goodluck!
    Visiting from Mommy Moments entry #13.
    My Mommy MOments
    Have a nice day!

  19. Kerslyn says:

    Glad you and the baby are doing OK. Take care, Mommy Rcel!

    From BPC. Thanks for the visit! Sorry nalangan akong pag-bisita diri.

  20. Mai says:

    awww, so many happy things are happening to your family right now, rcel. kudos to the soon to be ate. i guess at that rate, you won’t have to prepare her that much for the arrival of her sibling coz she’s as excited as you. yes, motherhood the second time around is amazing. it is when I have my second child that i truly realized how the Creator have made each and every person truly unique, even though we came from the same womb and genes. Don’t worry, God is always good and everything will turn out for the better. Just enjoy the moment the of being a mom the second time around.

  21. Icar says:

    congrats for a baby boy, hope you will continue to have a healthy and happy pregnancy…take care..when is your due date?

    visiting late for MM!

  22. Chris says:

    don’t worry, it is still early.. and God can do wonders! 😀 take care and enjoy every minute of the pregnancy! 😀

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