Random Spring Snaps


We have been blessed with warm temperatures the past couple of days. It was in the 60’s so we see to it that we made the most of what the sunshine offered. The other day, in the afternoon when the husband got home, we had to hit one lake nearby to bring some breads to the ducks but to no avail; the ducks were still too hesitant to go near us. So we just ended leaving the foods by the banks and promised to come back when they’re being so used to to people. It’s always like that when Spring has just started.


The kiddo, and her signature Spring pose! Lol.

Yesterday, we were given a 72F as the highest and yes, it was too good to be ignored. So, we had lunch outside; by our picnic table in the backyard. It was just Triz and I because the husband won’t be home until 2pm every Wednesday. So I brought our lunch outside and let Triz run around the lawn while I prepared some oranges and grapefruits to munch. Triz can’t wait to go biking, but I had to stop her that not until Daddy gets home as her bike was hanged in our garage wall; I couldn’t take it down.


Vitamin C's, anyone?

I was still wearing sweaters because even with the 72F temperature, the wind was still too strong giving us some chills. However, the sun shining so bright was good enough for our feet and other skin areas that needed Vitamin D from the sunshine!


Pardon my ginger-like toes! Lol.

In the afternoon, we headed out again for some great time. The daughter and her dad went to the Riverfront to feed the ducks (again!). It is Triz’s favorite thing to do you see. And while they did, I headed to the mall to do some maternity shopping. See, it’s already Spring and I am itching to put off all those bulky and thick outfits away. However, I don’t have anything “right” to wear because I am getting bigger and bigger on my 18th week of pregnancy!


So, off to shopping I went, but I wasn’t able to buy lots. I didn’t find the shorts and capris that I wanted so I thought of scheduling another shopping time in the coming days. When the husband and the daughter called to inform me that they’re done, I had to rush “my” shopping thing and decided to go out of the mall. Domino’s Pizza was the next stop for those craved Pacific Vege Pizza.


Triz checking out some good treats!

I figured cooking is too tiring to do so I let Domino’s saved our dinner! A breadsticks for the daughter as it is her favorite and this oh-so-yummy vege pizza for the preggy moi and my beloved! 😉


Yum yum!!!

Pssttt…. I see you drooling! 😉

Yep, I was away from the computer for two days disabling me to mind my tasks. You can just imagine how well-rested I am! Today though, we are back to the temperatures in the high 40s and no, I am not planning on going out except later in the afternoon to pick up my prescriptions at Walgreens and to drop by some stuff at a friend’s. So, off to do my tasks then so that the upcoming weekend will be blogging-free for me! I guess it is great to start Spring time so energized and invigorated and to do it is to spend more time outside to enjoy the free fresh Spring breeze!

It’s like this when you’ve been stuck in the frozen tundra for 5 months! 😀

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  1. Hazel says:

    Spring. I love its associations with vibrancy. I’m in on the vitamin c’s 😉 Love your girl’s spring pose.

  2. Deli says:

    A slice of pizza please 🙂 Your daughter is really cute. Here for RHT visit, see you around.

  3. Dhemz says:

    ayay! ka pretty man kau sa spring model woi…tawon pod, na dismaya kay ang ducks wa ni duol…ehehhee! we have plenty of ducks sa likod namo Cel…naa man jud pond dire sa amo likod pero d me ga anha kay lasang man…wahahahha!

    naibog ko sa imong kyutiks da…luy-a ba tawon nga ka sexy sa imong tiil…awat pod ko ug kyutiks unya…ehehehe!

    nagtulo jud bitaw akong laway sa pizza…wala pako ka tilaw ani nga putahi kay meat lovers man jud me dire…:)

    mau paka kay fully charge na imong battery…ako lowbat ko maong wapa ko kag bloghop ug human sa mga pending nga opps…hay life pastilan!

    hala sige, enjoy your weekend! thanks for joining BPC!

  4. Shydub says:

    buotan jd ug nawong si triz cel no, mura siya ug dakong tao na mo pose, di mailhan nga 5 years old pa mn d i…haay i wish spring na sa

  5. Leah H. says:

    Wow, kalami sa pizza! Kami ani ugma pa or sa Sunday mag pizza..

    Visiting for #75 challenge- hope you can stop by:)

  6. Jessica Cassidy says:

    I love Triz smile Momi Rcel…so cute 🙂 wow! red hot nails kaau imong toe nails, wa jud ko ana hehehe, sagdi lng ng maternity for now ky puhon inig gawas ni baby boy magamay ra ka. The pizza looks so delish, lots of topping 🙂 Visiting from #75 of BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.

  7. Chris says:

    family moments! 😀 thanks for joining us again at mommy moments 🙂

    your little girl is growing up so fast! 😀

  8. cheerful says:

    i love all the pictures, i can feel the happiness in each one! 🙂 triz is really love, beautiful smile! oh, pizza…so yummy! visiting from RHT, thanks for your visit…very much appreciated! have a great week. 🙂

  9. Arlene says:

    I love the red toes, cel! sooo lovely bagay sa spring look sa inyong lawn. Ka cute ba jud ni Triz uy..artista kaayo sya ug dating sa iyang mga poses.

    U make me drool! that looks so yummy!

    Happy weekend, cel!

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