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Almost everything nowadays can be done instantly via technology. When before I need to pay quite a hefty amount per month to be able to see the TV programs and shows from my home country, now– I don’t have to do so and yet I still get to see those same programs in my own smart TV and the internet! With a usb to midi connector, I can get to hook and connect myself to shows from my home country, especially news.

We don’t even have the most expensive TV out there. However, I can connect my phone, our iPad, or our laptop via usb connectors and everything from the internet gets to be seen and watched on TV! Of course I find it pretty cool, so to answer the question thrown to Miss Philippines during the Miss Universe Pageant 2017 held in Manila, “Technology, the internet, and social media are the biggest change I have seen in the last 10 years in the world”.

Girls’ McDonalds Date


Well, Friday has always been a date for me and the girls. The husband doesn’t get off work till 4pm and since the 5th grader is out of school at 2pm, then we have about two hours every Friday to go out and have fun. When it is rainy and wet though, indoor outing is the easy fix.

Today, McDonalds it was!

There were not a lot of people or parents with kids at their play place today so little T had the place to herself while Ate Triz and I are enjoying our happy meals.

Creating memories doesn’t need to be expensive. Even with just a less than $20 meal for the three of us, we already had a great time! Happy weekend, everyone!