About Us

Rarejonrez is our pen name.


We have two July babies born 6 years apart! In 2006, he became Daddy and she became Mamang to the most adorable and ever so precious 6-pounder daughter named Triz after almost three years of being married.

Our July 4th baby

In 2012, Tiara was added to our brood.

Our July 28th babe

We are Filipinos raising our daughters in Uncle Sam’s land and with that, the challenges and misfits around us abound. BUT, we have a God Who guides us in every endeavour that we have towards our parenting skill so we are confident that things will never fail. Each day is an exciting day and a very perfect time to discover and learn new things and life has never been the same since parenting began for the two of us!


Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you again soon as we continue sharing our Progressive Parenting info! 😉