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Power Slide Guitar


I am so proud of my best friend’s son who is only 6 years old. He is already an excellent reader and yes, he has an oozing confidence to perform or sing in front of the congregation at church.

I saw a video of him singing for special music last church day and he was by himself at the pulpit. Oh I was feeling so in awe of what he did. His mom who is my best friend has told me that he is learning to play a string instrument. I want her to see these lap steels guitar and to check it out! because she might be able to find something for her music-minded son. I mean, he might prefer to to play a different instrument but it is always to offer someone and answer his or her questions before really buying the product and ends up in a chaos.

Bluebonnets 2017


Welcome to Spring season in Texas!

That means Bluebonnets– the State Flower, is now blooming everywhere you go in Texas as long as there is a greenery. We drove to Galveston this past Spring Break and since it is a little south from where we are, we saw a lot of wildflowers already along the highways. So beautiful!

Meanwhile, at our backyard are blooming bluebonnets which means we don’t have to go somewhere for photo opportunities with this beauty as we have them growing in our very property thanks to the husband for sowing and scattering the seeds last year.

So, these two girls had a blast posing with the Texas State Flower!

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Seeing my Facebook memories from over two years ago, back in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, our March 29th there is still snowy white. Well, not anymore!

How about you– what blooms are there around you right now?