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A Dozen Years of Marriage


It was on the same day today, exactly 12 years ago, when my then boyfriend and I march in a small and tight aisle in one of the courtroom at the Hall of Justice in Cagayan de Oro City to say “I do” and sign that document called marriage contract. Yes, it has been 12 years and oh man, I feel like being so old now. Lol.

I posted this picture this morning to mark our 12th wedding anniversary and it garnered over a hundred of likes and loves and tens of happy anniversary and cool greetings.

Being married to my husband is not a walk in the park that is for sure. We have had differences but they were never a hindrance to exercise our commitment and faithfulness to each other and to the God we serve. We celebrated our anniversary in the simplest style we know how as we are not into grand celebration at all.

Here’s hoping that our marriage is a testament of God’s ideal one here on earth as we live to be good examples to our children and to everybody else around us. God’s mercies are new every morning and He is the only one worth emulating.

We didn’t have a grand wedding 12 years ago but we strive to work on having a great marriage¬†every day and that is what matters the most.


Beautiful Spring Day Out


The Daylight Saving Time has officially returned and last Sunday, we adjusted our clocks and watches one hour ahead. Did you guys enjoy it?

This kiddo did.

Well, it was a sunny and bright Sunday afternoon for us so she was asking if we can take a photo of herself enjoying the sunshine and the greenery outside. Sure enough, she was ecstatic! We stayed out most times of the day to do some yardwork like clean our garden an so the girls truly had fun.

On the other hand, our activity last Saturday was even more fulfilling. We went to the Nursing Home and visited the elderly to sing songs with them and tell them stories to make them feel valued and loved.

As a family, we have been doing this pretty often ever since I got here in the US. No fail, wherever we are, as long as we are welcome at a facility, we go. We love the old folks and we have taught our dear daughters to develop this kind of service to the elderly.

There. Another set of beautiful memories we made on the first weekend after a long time that I was off of work. Hopefully, another one or two coming up of this kind of visit.