I can’t believe how time flies by so quickly! I6t’s like, it has just been days ago when a group of Christmas carolers visited our hospital and sang Christmas songs in the Med-Surg floor and everybody enjoyed it– patients, patients’ families, and staffs alike. As I look at the site, I remember that group of carolers so well because two of them were using concertina to the tune of ‘Joy to the World’. Yes, it was solemn and really was filled with the Holy Spirit. It was really like a small concert for patients to see. I was blessed that night.

Hello 2017!!!


Happy New Year, everyone!!!

How did you welcome 2017? For us, we had a blast feasting and being with the company of friends here at home. It has been my tradition to just stay home when the new year rings in and for three years now in our Texas home, we did just exactly that. And yes, I am contented in my own simple way!

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I don’t know what the future brings but I am hopeful that we all be prosperous and and more successful in our endeavors. And yes, cheers to creating more beautiful memories to cherish as a family!

God’s richest blessings for the new year.