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2012 Highlights Part 2

Before this month will become a history, let me finish this 2012 roundup post that I started earlier this month. Feel free to check out the Part 1 of this post.

In July, my first daughter turned 6 years old. I was so glad having our friends from Illinois came over to spend the special day with us. It was so hot though and after the holiday, I developed some complications with my pregnancy. My protein level elevated, my blood pressure rose, I developed some symptoms of pre-eclampsia and I was put to bed rest. July ended with the birth of our second daughter we named Tiara Jul. She is indeed our crown!

Mother-daughter grip!

In August, the highlight was my parents-in-law’s presence here in Wisconsin. We were able to borrow them in Las Vegas to join us here as I gave birth and sure enough, Ma and Pa-in-law were such great help. We got to celebrate Ma-in-law’s 70th birthday together in August 9th. She was so happy with our simple celebration and I am happy that she was.


In September, Fall semester started for the husband and our 6-year-old daughter started First Grade. It was a memorable start of school for us. So many ‘firsts’ took place and I was so worried that my July 4th baby somehow started to lose her ignorance by being exposed to the environment in public school. Mamahood worries were at its peak when my daughter wasn’t around. Lol. She survived and I did.


In October, we got to do a round-trip from Stevens Point, WI to Dallas, Texas and back in just 1 week. We were a trooper, and I couldn’t believe that my two daughters made it to not complain at all! Little Tiara was only less than 3 months that time, and yet, she braved the 1-week-round trip to Dallas and back. All because of the husband’s Guest Speaking appointment at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference and Exposition. It was so exhausting but we all had fun. I got to meet in person, too, a blogger friend based in Heartland, Texas and we had a great time. From Wisconsin, we traversed the states of Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma Texas, and Illinois. It was an unforgettable road trip!

Dallas Skyline

In November, everything was pretty normal except for one progress of our Permanent Residency application. We were approved for the first step and we had to undergo some medical check-ups to be cleared. It was one big progress because it meant us getting closer to becoming Green Card holder. We’ve worked tirelessly for this and waited patiently, too.


In December, life has gotten pretty busy as the husband’s and the daughter’s school schedules became hectic. I looked forward to the holiday break that my academician will have to enjoy and as the holidays were approaching, I had to find a way to enjoy the rush in everything. We stayed home instead of spending the holiday break at our family in Las Vegas and I think we were pretty rested the rest of the year.


There were so many things that transpired throughout the year 2012. I actually couldn’t count them all because big or little, failures and triumphs, I see everything as a blessing. In short, I am one blessed person in 2012 and it is my desire to bring with me the blessedness vibe this year.


How about you– have you penned down your 2012 highlights? I felt so blessed to have done so.

2012 Highlights Part 1


I’d like to summarize the highlights for what transpired in all 12 months of this year. Today’s the 10th day of the first month of the new year and 2012 is still so fresh to me.


In January, Triz and I had our major haircuts. We shortened our long hair and donated each of our 10 inches locks cut to Locks of Love, an organization that gives hair to those who have lost theirs from Cancer. It was a sweet accomplishments for the two of us on the very first month of the year. It was our first major haircut which was an abrupt change of length. We regretted it NOT.


In February, my bad morning sickness was at its peak. I was dealing with cravings and frustrations for not being able to have those cravings fulfilled. It was a bad first trimester but not worst. I had to carry it through it all because of our now 5 months old little Tiara. Also, a Coach purse purchase I did as a gift for myself on Valentines Day. The husband laughed at me because of the expensive price for a small bag! Lol. Quite a history because it was just my second Coach buy ever. The first one was in the Fall of 2008.


In March, we took a trip to Michigan to watch Ernie Haase and the Signature Sound in concert, one of our favorite gospel singers. We had an awesome time touring Andrews University, a beautiful Seventh-day Adventist institution. I had hoped for the husband to find a job there and be hired so that we could move there. I love the Berrien Springs, Michigan area. Later that month, I turned 29 years old. Yes, I have gotten old! 😀

Triz with her favorite tenor singer: Ernie Haase

In April, all three of us were helpers at church with the Spring Evangelism Series that we did. It was wonderful to be part of that event. I got to invite friends to attend the Bible Prophecy seminar and we three got to help in the Music ministry. No other major events except that and our friends’ weekend visit from Illinois.


In May, the most awesome event to remember was the first ever ultrasound of my 6-moth-old wombmate in 4D. We three were amazed by the scenes we looked at inside my womb. Our little Tiara was growing so beautiful in her sanctuary. It was getting warmer so we were able to do lots of outdoor hiking. My husband also helped in gifting myself with my most desired Smartcam: the Samsung WB150F which I am using until now.


In June, the highlight was our 2-week-vacation in Las Vegas. It was so fun vacationing as I entered my last trimester. The Vegas summer heat was cruel though. But we all love the outcome of that trip– the husband got to do a home makeover of his sister’s house. It was a huge help he extended to her.

Post to be continued…