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First Grade Printable Worksheets


It’s official: we now have a first grader this year! Yes, we do! The husband and I are so thrilled for our daughter who will be turning 6 years soon! And for this big girl, she thinks that being 6 entitles her to so many things which she hasn’t done when she was younger than that age. No worries though, those things are not the types that adults do. She just wants to learn more academic stuff like multiplication and division of numbers since she was only learning about addition and subtraction when she was in Kindergarten.


I am actually now starting to print reading comprehension worksheets, multiplication worksheets, and some more printable activity sheets for my soon to be first grader! We homeschooled her in Kindergarten and we’re continuing our homeschooling when she starts First Grade. We couldn’t enroll her until she’s 6 though so we will do that after her 6th birthday next month. Homeschooling worked perfectly for us on our first attempt and the husband and I have promised to partner together on our 2nd year of homeschooling our amazing firstborn! She’s advanced just the way she is and how she is learning through and from us.


Spending much time with our kids who are starting school is very important. That’s how they learn the valuable lessons in life. When you have the materials and resources that are aids in letting them master and muster the reality of life, the art of learning becomes easier. It helps that my husband is an educator himself. As for the resources, the internet is now the most accessible place to seek and get them. If you have a third grader, there are third grade math worksheets that you can take advantage of. Online resources are available, as long as the parents are able to explore the good sites that provide academic instruction and learning materials. One of them is scholastic.com and if you haven’t checked out the site yet, you may want to visit it now!

Motivating Your Home-Schooled Kids


Home schooling can be a fun yet challenging endeavor for a parent. As a home school parent your goal is pass a love of learning as well as knowledge on to your children. Keeping your children motivated is most likely the biggest challenge of home-school parents. There are several ways you can make learning fun and motivate your children to do their best.


When your children are working hard and mastering concepts you are teaching, be sure to reward them. Rewarding achievements with awards certificates or other incentives gives them motivation to continue to succeed. Children love to be noticed for their hard work and good habits. If they feel rewarded in what they are learning it re-emphasizes the importance of what they are learning and reinforces their good habits.


Make learning fun by applying it to real life situations. If you are learning about different zoo animals and their habits and environment, incorporate a day at the zoo into your studies. Children will remember the experiences they have on the field trip and better correlate the correct learning concepts with the memories they make. Other fun field trips you can take your children on might include:

· Visiting a grocery store to learn about food

· Visiting a dinosaur museum

· Visit the Fire Station

· Visiting a planetarium when studying space and stars

· Visit and aquarium when learning about sea life


Any time, you can teach a child using the hands on approach you will succeed. Children need to be taught using more than one teaching method. Where some children learn best by reading and studying from books, others learn best by touching and doing. If you can incorporate all the types of learning styles into your teaching, you will provide the best learning experience for all of your children. Another great aspect of home schooling is that you as the parent do know your children best, and you do have the ability to tailor any learning concept and teach it in a way that will best benefit each of your individual child.


No matter what teaching method you use, whether you use more hands on or more book learning, the most important way to motivate your children and keep them excited about learning is to be excited yourself! If you are excited about learning and love what you are teaching, you will pass this joy and excitement on to them. Even though there will be days that you become frustrated, try to have patience and turn even bad days into learning experiences so your child will not become discouraged. If you continue in teaching with patience and consistency, you will inspire your child to have a lifelong desire for learning and trying new things. This is the greatest reward for a home schooling parent.