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Back to the Corporate World?


We will be dealing with the Payment processing later for all of the medical bills that I have accumulated the past 9 months! I’m sure it will be a pain in our pocket but at least, I have survived some horrifying experience brought by the preeclampsia condition that I have had. The good thing for me is, I am just at home to take care of my kids and the husband is working very hard for us. My friend, on the other hand, finds it too hard to go back to the corporate world after becoming a mom three months ago. I sure wish her well, but I will be happy for her if she will stay home to watch for the baby now that it’s still too little. The corporate world is knocking at her door, but she’s torn between deciding whether to work or not so I wish her luck in her decision-making!

Sunday with Girlfriends


It has been a very busy weekend for me! After yesterday’s trip down to Westfield for the WI Campmeeting of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, I got tired from the whole day of being outside, roaming around the campground and enjoying the fellowship of our church family. The weather was perfect, only in the low 70s, but my constant standing up and walking around still caused me some swelling. I got so tired when we arrived home that I was able to rest as fast as I could. I am thankful to my housemates for being so considerate of me.


But the tiredness yesterday still didn’t stop me from today’s business. A friend in the nearby town has a daughter who celebrated her 1st birthday yesterday but they have thought of inviting us over for a little get-together: just my family and our selected Pinay girlfriends who we get along so well. Since it was sort of a late birthday event, I made some foodies: Pancit, Pochero, and Cassava Cake. And off we drove to Nekoosa, to A’s place to enjoy our Sunday afternoon away!


Oh, it was wonderful to spend the afternoon with these dear girlfriends!


L to R: Ohlie, yours truly standing up, Melds, Jen, Anah and her daughter, the 1st birthday celebrant

We had a great time feasting and just chitchatting endlessly. There were so much to talk about and so many things to laugh about! Time with girlfriends is always great, isn’t it?


And here are our (Anah’s and mine) kiddos enjoying their time together, too!


Triz, Katya and Caelyn the celebrant

Our next purpose to be in this place was actually to shop for the baby stuff that we will be needing for our Baby #2. Anah has so many outgrown baby things from her daughters that instead of giving them away to Goodwill, she and her hubby let us use them. The husband and I are so grateful because all of the stuff are still usable so we will be able to save a lot from buying them, especially the newborn clothes, some feeding essentials, and even the carseat set, playpen, and bouncer. We are left with a few items to purchase so we are very thankful.


Now, preparing for the needs for Baby #2 official starts for us. I am on my 33rd week now so I have but 7 more weeks left. Yay! Time flies by so quick and we are almost there! The excitement keeps rolling and I am partly scared about the whole birthing story as well. Lol. Oh well, everything will be well I hope and pray!


And that’s how special my weekend has been! I hope yours is equally memorable as well!

My 166th of the 176/366 BPC

Naturally Friends…


Meet Triz and Gaboy– my daughter and my friend’s son:

Triz and Gaboy

I love these two kids so much!

Gabriel aka Gaboy is 15 months old and he was the little kid who was with us last weekend, along with her Mom and Dad, from Illinois. He has grown so much in the last 7 months since their last visit here. Now, he walks and runs like a pro and talks with so much passion in his attempts to be understood. He is such a joy! And yes, Ate Triz loves him to pieces!


It was wonderful having them over! Nik and Eds are our dearest friends who, like me and the husband, share common interests and principles in life. Nik is Bulgarian and Edna hails from Samar in Philippines. She speaks Visayan so we understand each other even to the the tiniest bit. I didn’t know Eds until January of 2009 when Nik introduced her to us via Friendster. She was still in Korea that time, serving is a church missionary there and Nik is a church friend back in Illinois. Their love story is pretty unique, too, and to make the long story short, when they got married and Edna came to Illinois mid-August of 2009, we didn’t catch each other back in Illinois anymore because 2 weeks before she arrived, we moved up here in Wisconsin. We communicated constantly though so our friendship bloomed naturally.


Our friendship is only a few years old since it started, but deep inside, we both know we have “it” for real! We care for each other like sisters and because we have so many things common while growing up, the understanding comes out naturally. We are like sisters from different parents that our husbands wonder why the “quick” and “effortless” bond.


I always enjoy having them around and they said the same thing, too, which I believe. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have endured a five-day and four-night stay in our small abode which they delightedly showed they do. :) When they left and went home last Monday noon, Triz cried. She didn’t want them to go home, and Nik expressed if only their place and ours is just 3 hours drive at most, they would love to spend their weekends with us regularly! Lol.


Here’s me and Eds and our kiddos before they left:


I love this picture so much, even though I look so pregnant! Ha ha ha.

Thank God for friends, right?

117th/123rd of the 366 BPC