Progress 2017



Can you believe we are nearing the end of the year? For us Filipinos, when the ber month starts, Christmas spirit starts. However, here in America, it is too early yet to greet you Merry Christmas because for most of us, school has just begun.

Yes, a couple weeks ago, school started for our 6th Grader. A week ago, for the Professor husband. This past Monday, for me and our Kindergartner as homeschoolers. Yes, this new school year poses a different kind of challenge for me because here I am, back to homeschooling my 5-years old! I feel like she is still too little to be waking up at 6 in the morning for school so homeschooling is the perfect alternative. Both of us are into it so it will be fun.

The most exciting part of this school year though is our 6th Grader who is going to public school! We have decided to take advantage of what Keene Independent School District has to offer and yes, their Gifted and Talented Program as well s their Robotics Club sound like a fit for our Triz. So we will see.

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Onward to the end of the year it is for us! We are going to get busy with school once again while I have started my new job as a Hospital Lab Phlebotomist leaving my patient care tech on the med-surg unit so it is kinda bittersweet and challenging as well. However, we are looking forward to our grand vacation in December which is a homecoming to Philippines so it is what keeps up all ecstatic. Definitely another set of great memories with loved ones and friends over there.

Power Slide Guitar


I am so proud of my best friend’s son who is only 6 years old. He is already an excellent reader and yes, he has an oozing confidence to perform or sing in front of the congregation at church.

I saw a video of him singing for special music last church day and he was by himself at the pulpit. Oh I was feeling so in awe of what he did. His mom who is my best friend has told me that he is learning to play a string instrument. I want her to see these lap steels guitar and to check it out! because she might be able to find something for her music-minded son. I mean, he might prefer to to play a different instrument but it is always to offer someone and answer his or her questions before really buying the product and ends up in a chaos.