Personalized Gifts for Kids


July is my daughters’ birth month. Ate Triz was born on the fourth of July, little T four days before July ends; on the 28th. That means giving them a birthday celebration will normally be a two party in one. Thinking of what to give them, as a mom, isn’t really hard. I know exactly what they both want for a present. Not the kinds that are too materialistic in value but personalized kids gifts that last a long time are definitely in!

We only had a very simple birthday celebration when Ate Triz turned 9 years old last Fourth of July but I plan to do a real one on the 28th for the two of them. If ever you’ll receive an invite from me, don’t find it hard to think of what to give to the birthday girls.¬†They don’t need one, but if you have to give, books or personalized stuff will do. Thank you! :)


Father’s Day 2015


Life, amidst the odds, is like a walk in the park when these girls are beside their Dad.

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Lucky daughters of mine!

Not all children have been blessed to have responsible, caring and loving fathers. This is what I emphasize to my daughters time and time again. And their Dad’s attitude that I like the most which is to never whine or grumble is what I always tell them to copy. Most of all, his love for God and desire for heaven and eternity with Jesus is what I want them to etch in their hearts so that we will together reunite by then when life on earth is over.

Happy Father’s Day to the one who fathered my children and to all wonderful Dads out there!