Chimney Pipes


When we planned on getting a property of our home, we made sure that it should have a built-in fireplace. Sure enough, God has provided us with one. It is not the modern kind of fireplace though whose chimney is already a pipe on the outside. It is still the old, traditional one made of bricks, yet the husband said it still has a pipe inside it, just not seen.

I remember the apartment building we lived at back in Wisconsin. Its chimney pipes are so visible especially when it is blowing smokes during the peak of the winter season. I am not sure which type of pipes were used for that building, but they look like the Northline Express flue pipes I have seen online, the kind that looks so sturdy and can last a long time. It is important to choose the top quality flue type to be used for your chimney. They differ sizes and it all depends on your own preference and the dimension and opening of your appliance. If you are looking to have a chimney installed or checked, visit; they may have what you are looking for.

proper chimney venting


Loving the North Texas Winter


It’s been a really busy days for the family especially myself as I juggle the roles of being a student, a working mom, and a homemaker. Man, my house is left in a state of calamity every time I get home late at night from my class. Ha ha! Imagine having two active kids that like to do mess in their crafts and artworks and they are left at home with a Dad who has things to do in the computer and on his working table, checking test papers for all of his four classes! Imagine!? It sure gets crazy, yeah, but I am not complaining.

In fact, I am thankful, like yesterday, when a winter storm came to Northcentral Texas that made schools closed as we were able to stay at home– all four of us, together, and enjoyed the snow outside with the not-to-be-missed family selfie.

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So when you’re wondering what’s up with me and my blogs, why the lack of updates and new posts– know that I am not slacking. I am just real busy with the real things in life. :)

However, please accept my sincere appreciation for coming and checking me out here. I really am delighted that you still do, despite my absence! :)