Hello Summer Break 2016!


We are back to where we are good at during summer break: road trip!

Yes, we have decided to go west this time, to Las Vegas and California. With just our trusted and very reliable minivan, we will hit the road next week, when the school year 2015-2016 is already over for us!

The university has been off school since the first week of this month but the elementary school, our 4th Grader, still has school till this Friday. So, we are waiting for her to be done and then I can start packing and be able to feel the summer break! I am so thankful I got approved with my 2-week-PTO request as it made us get our itinerary for a memorable summer.

The four of us are already very excited for our adventure. We’re gonna go check out places that we haven’t been to and it will be a lot of firsts for our little Tiara. One things is for sure though, we are going to make a lot of new beautiful memories this summer!

How about you- care to share your summer adventures?


Guitar Combo Amplifier Wish


Last week, my 9-year-old daughter did her piano recital. It was her second ever piano recital since she started piano lesson September of of last year. I know she is still very amateur but she is so into it so her teacher has told me that she is learning way faster than her other students. Here at home, she also try to learn to play the guitar just through her Dad’s teaching. She aims to be able to play another instrument by next year.

She is into show and music production here at home so getting a hundy guitar combo amplifier has been her dream as it accordingly helps her produce good recordings. Looking at the sales these days, I might be able to afford one for her. But the deal is, only when she keeps her grade up on this last week of class! We will see.