Gallery of Concerts


I love music and I love going to concerts, especially religious or gospel concerts. Well, when we moved here in Keene, Texas, frequent concerts or musical recitals were what I expected. Sure enough, the university’s music students always perform recitals and concerts either at church or at the Mabee Center so yeah, we have had unlimited access to good concerts that we like to go and see.

The most recent concert we went to is for the Contagious Faith’s Beyond the Lyrics. I can’t see any music stand with them on the pulpit and so to compare¬†roland vs 1880¬†digital stands is I think something appropriate for them to do.

I call our access to concerts here in Keene as something that is really a blessing. After all, I myself love religious music and I find it peaceful and neat to be inside the sanctuary with such beautiful music praising God.


Creating More Memories


How has our family been lately? Oh man, it’s been such a super busy year for us so far! The husband handles four classes this semester, I take classes as well at two separate schools, and we parent kids that are energetic and extra demanding with our time so you can just imagine how our days would go typically. Nevertheless, it always feels rewarding every end of the day when we look back at how we managed our schedule well. We are more on creating memories now without having them blogged about but rest assured they are frozen in photographs.

This is the most recent photo of the four of us that I can share taken during my birthday late last month. It was a Sabbath and we were off from our busyness so we were able to enjoy the day without the world’s cares. We drove an hour away from us to spend the day at a friend’s. Indeed, we had a great time!

I may not be the most active blogger at this point in time but I am creating so many beautiful memories with my family that I will try to share if my schedule gets a little lighter. For now, what I can leave is a note on managing one’s time well. We can’t turn back time, but we can look back at how we spent it. Create more beautiful memories now so you have them to reminisce when the future becomes the ‘now’.

Enjoy your family and spend time with them. They’re the real treasures you have. I do. :)