Cable Sleeves


When it comes to Do-It-Yourself projects for our own home, my husband is one handyman! That is one of the things I am most grateful for about him because he can install, build, uninstall, disassemble, and then successfully put up a project that most would rely on the pros or experts to do it. Not us, because we are able to do it ourselves and will therefore free us from expensive labor fees by the pros and the experts.

Talk about electrical connections! If we have these nl4fc 4-Pole Speakon Cable End, I think I am assured that my husband knows what to do with it. He was able to figure out the electrical outlets here at home for the sound system and speaker already installed in many corners of our home. If he is not a handyman, I don’t know what our home will be like. For that, I am thankful.


Love at 14 Years


The husband and I are thankful for March 21, 2001 in our lives. Yesterday, our LOVE for each other became 14 years old. Really? That long now?


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Fourteen years after, March 21 is something that we both love to remember and talk about. With a smart and very loving 8-year-old daughter, the topic is even more fun to be talked about. With a daughter that keeps inquiring what happened and how sweet the cheesy moments were, it is nice to hear from her that when she says when she becomes old enough, she wants to be like her mom with a husband like her dad. I guess we pretty much have set her a good example. I hope! Lol.

Today, I thank God and pray to Him that the next more years in our lives will be even more blessed. We are stronger when we are together, and more than everything, we are more faithful to each other every day because we have a God Who exemplifies faithfulness in our lives.

He blesses and we are blessed!