Family Selfie for 2016


I am not sure if I have taken a family selfie of us four when 2016 stroke last January 1st but because we all had fun having guests over, I may not have. After that, it was hard for me to take one as the husband is not really into it so when he finally got hold of the phone camera when we did a trip to the Museum in Fort Worth on the 3rd day of this year, I asked him if he could do a selfie of us four.

Well, he did.

First family selfie for 2016!!!

And it wasn’t bad! Lol.

Creating memories is as usual, something that we are up to this year as we want to remember great times when today becomes the yesterday. It may still be a hectic schedule for us but we will really try to be able to find a way to roam around and enjoy each other’s company. After all, family togetherness is love and where the heart is!

How about you– have you taken any family selfie yet for 2016?


A Healthier 2016


One of my goals for this new year 2016 is definitely a healthier me. There are great supplements at that I can take advantage of if I may choose to but for now, I will resort to staying healthy and fit by following a good diet and a lifestyle with regular exercise in it. I shall be putting my reliable treadmill to good use especially now that it is winter and I can barely find a time to go out for a walk. Since I will be going part-time with my work shift now, I should be able to incorporate routines into my daily life that can make me stay out of the hospital but just be happy and healthy with my family.

Cheers to a healthier 2016 y’all! (I am becoming a Texan now, haha!)