First Train Ride, Ever!


When my sisterfriend asked me if I was interested to go to the Texas State Fair before it ends, I responded affirmatively but told her I can only go on a Friday, with the two daughters, and without the husband! You see, the husband has classes every day and up to 4pm on a Friday so there was no way he can join us as he is not the type that would skip his school if it is not a matter between life and death. Lol.

So, the sisterfriend assured it will be okay with just her and another friend and she will take us to a train ride from Fort Worth to the State Fair Grounds. When the kids heard it, they were super ecstatic! So off we went three days before the Fair ended.

The very exciting part of the whole afternoon of fun? The train ride because it was Triz and Tiara’s first time, ever!

We waited for quite awhile at the T&P Station in Fort Worth but we didn’t mind. At last, when the train arrived, the girls were super thrilled. It took us about an hour to reach the Fair Grounds and no doubt we all enjoyed our train ride experience.

At the Fair Grounds, it was a must-do to see Big Tex so that is exactly what we did.

Us with Big Tex. Too bad, Daddy missed it!

Well, this month has been super busy for us but I am glad we were able to sneak in half a day to make memories that will last. It wasn’t a family adventure but our dear friends who are like Sisters to me made it sure that as new to Texas, we will have a grand time experiencing the Texas State Fair for the first time. And we did, so there will surely be another State Fair adventure in the coming years.


Needing a new headphone


I am packing up a jumbo-size-box for a package to be sent to my loved ones in Philippines and one thing very important to put in which I shouldn’t be forgetting is a new headphone. It is not necessarily those best studio headphones out there but if I can get one at an affordable price, why not? It is my niece that really needs it for her transcribing job so a good quality of headphone is a must-have.

Meanwhile, I too needs one and I think it is just right to get one before Christmas. That will be a perfect Christmas gift for myself, what do you think? I know there are a lot of cheaply priced headphones out there but I don’t want to settle for an inexpensive one that won’t last long. The saying that goes “you will get what you paid for” rings true as well even when buying a headphone!