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Two of my close friends got married in the past two months. And, as usual, I wasn’t there. Since we live continents away from each other, it is not the easiest to be there whenever I want to. Looking at a wedding in wilmington event, I feel emotional. I am sure it is different when you have all your family and close friends during your special day.

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My own wedding wasn’t grand either. It was a civil ceremony and somehow, I still wish to do a renewal of vow in the coming wedding anniversaries that we can celebrate. May be by then, I can have my list of loved ones in attendance. It will surely be one unforgettable event to cherish.

How about you– how awesome was your wedding?


Late Post of Tiara’s 2nd Birthday


I know, I am so late in posting this! What can I do? I am just uber busy!

Anyway, for document purposes, I am still gonna post this birthday picture of our little darling who turned 2 years old last July 28. It wasn’t a huge event, but we were happy to celebrate her life on the very date I popped her out to this world two years ago.

I cooked a special meal for dinner, Ma and Pa were with us and so was Tita Eveb, plus Ate Triz made an effort to make the day extra special so it was good enough to mark our babylove’s special day. She is now 2, and growing more wonderfully every single day– oh, I simply couldn’t ask for anything more beautiful! May God continue to bless her daily with His grace.

We love our little Tiara so much!