Our Summer 2016 Travel


Summer 2016 came and will soon leave us. I know, it passes by really quick when you are so busy enjoying every moment of it! The new school year will soon be here for us and before we know it, summer 2016 is already a history. What I am so grateful for is that we were able to take a break and actually traveled and visited loved ones and friends far away. To Las Vegas we did a road trip last June and it was a grand time for all of us!

We never get tired of road trips!!!

Driving from Texas to Las Vegas was a blast! Passing through New Mexico and Arizona and then driving past Las Vegas to California in just 2 weeks was a blessing because we enjoyed each other’s company and we visited and saw so many beautiful places and wonderful people.

And yes, it was an investment good enough as we were able to create more awesome memories that we will look back to when the future becomes the ‘now’.

How about you– what nice summer event did you do this year?


Music 2016


Next week, the school year 2016-2017 will start for our Middle Schooler. Tomorrow is the Middle School Meet and Greet night and I look forward to attending with my daughter. She is super excited to be a Fifth Grader but nervous as well. Definitely, my firstborn is growing older this year! What she looks forward to the most is widening her choice of music because this year, she can already join the Middle School band and she has been telling me she would like to play the trumpet. Having said that, I think music this year will have an even bigger part of the fun and excitement that we will have. Yes, there will be buying of new music instruments and I don’t mind it all for the nurturing of my daughter’s potential. I think that’s what Moms are.