Music on Christmas Lights Parade


There were a lot of music and fun during the Christmas Lights Parade last Sunday night here in our city. We didn’t get to go out and see all of the participants but we were able to see a glimpse of some when they passed by the road in front of our house. And yes, it was also a parade with so much music in it. One of the bands had a rock and roll theme singing Christmas carols and I am not quite sure if it was a Gibson 2015 Les Paul Junior Single Cut that the guitarist was sporting but I was sure it was a lot of fun listening and looking at him.

I love Christmas! Not that I receive a lot of presents but I love to give out and I love Christmas concerts, too, which, apparently, are being hold in a lot of churches and in the campus, as well by so many singers in this area.

What about you– what do you like most about Christmas?


Thanksgiving 2014: Thankful for Everything


Today, I woke up to a beautiful Thanksgiving Day morning! Our little T, who has been sick for a week now, is completely healed from what she was suffering! No more Tylenol dosage for her in the past 24 hours! Yes, that is absolutely a big thing! Although there will not be any Thanksgiving Feast on my dining table as a typical meal is what I can afford for being so stressed and tired these past few days, still, we have thankful hearts that rejoice in everything that we have– big or small.

I am thankful most specially for my family– my wonderful husband and two daughters. With them, my life is full of inspiration and motivation to do good and better each and every day.

And then, I am thankful for this year’s blessings to my family; our new home that we can really call our own. Yes, there are bigger responsibilities for us monthly but God is faithful to keep us healthy and safe as we work daily and serve Him.

I am thankful for the foods on my table. We don’t have a lot but we have enough healthy ones to feed us.

I am thankful for my family afar. They continue to keep me grounded and do my duty to help and reach out.

I am thankful for my friends. They make life more fun and amazing!

I am thankful for the gift of life. It is one elusive thing for many people in the war zones and in the Ebola-infected nations.

For all the many things I am blessed with, my heart is filled with thanksgiving. Thank you, God, for the provision!

May your Thanksgiving Day be filled not with whines and complaints but with thankful hearts and lips! Enjoy!