Family and Music


Our family has been known to people around us by the kind of music that we are into. You see, our pastime always includes music, and the kind that we do play and sing are those that are playable by the piano and the guitar. As a matter of fact, the Father-in-law has once ordered this white mini 2 because he said and he and Triz could make use of this a lot of times as they play and master their guitars. I am not sure if I can get it for them, but since it is on sale right now, we might, as an advanced holiday gift for the both of them. You know, ever since my parents-in-law are with us, Triz has been enjoying her musical instruments even more because of the Grandpa’s influence.




Nowadays, it has become very seldome for us to go somewhere together on afternoons. That’s because schedules have been a bit tight for all of us. Today though, we managed to pull it off and the Daddy was overjoyed to take us to a joy-ride for over an hour!

It’s Tuesday and my three housemates were thrilled that I don’t have to go to school for my class because our class and lab have been canceled. So, even if we just did grocery shopping for the most part on this TuesDATE of ours, still, we had a blast. We enjoyed checking out spots here in our new place that we haven’t seen yet and the little T has been such a joyful joy-rider all the way!

Family time….

It’s not a long one but it’s a huge deal to make memories together!

How about you– when’s the last time you went on a joy-ride as a family?