The Challenges of a Working Mom


“Mommy, do you have work tonight?”

My heart always breaks every time my daughters would ask me that question. Four months ago, I started a new role of being a full-time working mom at a nearby hospital being a Nurse Assistant. This, in addition to taking classes for my Nursing program prereqs. I know, this is such a daring thing to do, but I decided to take the first step so here I am dealing with the challenges that sometimes can be really overwhelming.

First, it was the older daughter that asked me that question on the first few days when I started working. I let her understand my work schedule and she got it instantly like it was just a class lesson. I printed my work schedule and posted it on my wall that became my ‘work-school bulletin’ and she just looks at it if she is wondering if I am working that night and would rejoice if I am not. The little one though still couldn’t get over it! She asks me EVERY day if I have work, no matter how I explain to her that Mommy only works on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday night. She hears my phone rings every time the hospital calls me for a possibility of coming to work on days I am not scheduled because they need a Tech and she always worries if I say yes to the call. Since school started though, I NEVER worked extra anymore.

With my work schedule, leaving home on a Wednesday night after a 3-night-off is but a terrible thing to do. Just who would enjoy leaving these sweet kiddos for 12 hours straight?

The most challenging thing I am dealing with is not being with my daughters for 12 hours every night when I go to work.

Amidst this challenge that I am braving now for being a full-time worker mom, I am comforted by the fact that I am leaving my daughters not in any other hands and cares but in and with their own Daddy, my almost perfect husband! Lol. They are both Daddy’s girls so I can trust that they are safe under his care. I have to leave him a note on ‘what to do’ before bed routine-wise or text him if I forgot to leave something important for him to do for the girls. Night shift works best for me as they are all asleep on most hours that I am gone.

So far, it works and I can still say I am doing good despite the challenges! It is not the easiest thing to do but it is one fulfilling accomplishment so far that I have done personally! I thank my husband for permitting me to leave home to do this and for being responsible himself in his role. I am grateful to my kids for letting Mommy experience the joy of working outside and not just any kind of work but being in my comfort zone of work which is nursing care. Most of all, I praise God for everything that He has done for me, sustaining and providing me beyond what I can only do best.

Don’t even ask for a schedule of how my typical day goes. Ha ha! Right now, I am able to compose this in the midst of my studying for Pharmacology class. Never mind the clean laundry that needed to be folded after my dryer signaled for a “Done” task.

Oh the joy of being a student-working-full-time mom and wife in America! 😀


Made in USA Sectional Sofas


I love sectional sofas! I am in fact very happy and fortunate that the house we got has a living room concept that would need a sectional sofa and not the two separate 3-seats and a loveseat set for a couch. has sells custom Fabric Sectional Sofas that are made in the U.S.A. and I am eyeing on the Emily Sectional Fabric Sofa with Dressmaker Skirt because it would sure be a perfect prop once we are done with our floor makeover.

Photo grabbed from

We currently have a carpet flooring in our living room and the husband and I have planned on changing it to a hard wood via DIY. That is going to be anytime soon; we are just waiting for our perfect chance when we both have the same off of work.

We currently have a red sectional sofa and I am planning on moving it to our sunroom when we have a new hard wood floor.

How about you– which type of sofa do you prefer? Most of the time, it depends on what kind of design or concept your house is. If a sectional sofa is on your list, I gladly recommend made in USA products! You can never go wrong with one, that’s for sure!