Mix, Mic, and Music


Ever since we arrived at our new place here in Texas, life continues to be really fascinating and fun. Meeting a whole lot of Filipinos is the ‘fun’ part,m especially that many of them are into music. That’s right, we don’t have to mix ourselves in. At any parties or get-together gatherings, there is always a microphone to pass around during ‘karaoke’ sessions. Our 8-year-old daughter would always exclaim, “This is so Filipino-ish!” That is, to always do karaoke sessions every after the bounteous feast. Ha ha! Apparently, Filipinos are so known for being mics and music lovers!

Anyway, in the coming days, there will be developments when it comes to the music path that the daughter will be taking. When school starts for her, it will also be a start of her music lessons. That means there is no going away from singing or mics and music in general.


Officially 1 Month of Being Homeowners


Today marks our one month of being homeowners. Yes, Exactly a month ago today, we headed off to the title company’s office to sign our closing documents for the house and everything went smoothly. After that big thing we dealt on, we had lunch at a Mongolian Grill which was sort of our way of celebrating such huge success in our family lives. We are thankful to God for the provision. He has set everything perfectly for us in His perfect timing and although indebted now (LOL), it feels very fulfilling to now have a house we can truly say our own.

It’s been a month now and we are still not done unboxing our things. We have managed to purchase new furniture already and all those basic appliances and things that we need but the process of making our home livable according to how we like it is still not over. And I don’t think it will end. There is no pressure anyway! I think it is one of the joys that you get to reap when you move in to your own house as there are no pressures at all on when to finish something you want to do.

Today, the husband and I celebrate this special day apart. I and the girls are home while he is out down in Brownsville, TX for a 2-day-seminar at University of Texas- Brownsville. Hopefully, he can come home tonight and we can celebrate this milestone together, not necessarily in a grand way, but with happy and grateful hearts.